Goals and objectives help provide direction in defining a vision as well as seek to measure the desired outcome.


The development of goals and objectives for the Okeechobee Blvd & SR 7 Multimodal Corridor Study began with an understanding of the Palm Beach TPA’s and Palm Tran's Mission Statement and Vision to assure an overall consistency; the initial goals and objectives are shown to the below.


It is important to note that as the study advances through collaborative efforts, further refinements to the goals and objectives may be made.


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Determine appropriate allocation of space for non-motorized users, transit, and motorists

  • Provide safe facilities for the most vulnerable users first to create a comfortable experience

  • Maximize the corridor with an emphasis on shared mobility

  • Minimize travel time and delay for all users

  • Increase access to education, health care, and economic opportunity to improve community health

Maximize return on any investment in enhanced transit service

  • Locate transit stops at major existing and/or projected trip activity centers

  • Provide enhanced amenities at enhanced transit areas

  • Provide walkable and bikeable environments for first and last-mile connections to improve access to transit

  • Promote transit-oriented land use patterns at transit stations

  • Promote redevelopment/infill development and capital improvement investments that support transit