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Goals and objectives help provide direction in defining a vision as well as seek to measure the desired outcome.


The development of goals and objectives for the Okeechobee Blvd & SR 7 Multimodal Corridor Study began with an understanding of the Palm Beach TPA’s and Palm Tran's Mission Statement and Vision to assure an overall consistency; the initial goals and objectives are shown to the below.

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Goals and Objectives During the Evaluation

Allocate roadway space appropriately for non-motorized users, transit and single occupancy vehicles

Maximize return on any investment in enhanced transit service area

  • Provide safe facilities for the most vulnerable users

  • Maximize corridor throughout with an emphasis on shared mobility

  • Minimize travel time and delay for all users

  • Increase access to education, healthcare and economic opportunity

  • Locate transit stops at major activity centers

  • Provide enhanced amenities at enhanced transit areas

  • Provide walkable and bikeable environments for first and last-mile connection

  • Provide capital investments that promote redevelopment/infill development supportive of transit

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